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25 February 1992
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*Begin shameless self advertisement*

I am the sum of many contradictions that (I hope) blend into some semblance of harmony. I treasure all the kind people in my life and try my best to make them feel loved and appreciated, as they are precious rarities. I firmly believe that benevolence should beget benevolence. It is my policy to show everyone respect unless they have been disrespectful. I sometimes make mistakes, as we all do - but I am always striving to improve.

I love to think, and to debate. I have numerous eclectic interests, and have recently started a very rewarding relationship, after being lonely for so long. I've longed to once more be the most important person in someone else's life, and now it seems that my wishes have finally come true. ^_^ My sense of humor is quirky, eclectic, and irreverent (though I hope I know where to draw the line with the latter). It is often quite morbid as well, in part because there are only two options when it comes to my health: laugh at all the maladies, or go insane. :)

Politically speaking, I am a left social moderate. In terms of foreign policy and culture, my views are just to the left of the center.

Occupation: Stalking Kyo and generally being awesome! xD